Saturday, February 25, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 1

Introducing two new Superheros: StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. They are sisters. They are superheros. Each one thinks that the other is the sidekick. Together they keep the world safe and fight the forces of evil. (After they get their homework done of course) Join us each day for the continuing adventures StarrySpark and Grocery Girl.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl Episode 2 - StarrySpark's entry in Who's Who in the World's Superhero's.

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl Episode Guide.


Mr and Mrs Hubbard said...

Our cupboards are bare,
there's just nothing in there

Our tummys are a'growlin'
and the dogs are a'howlin'

Is there no help in site
from this terrible plight?

Help us grocery girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Grocery Spark and Starry Girl, notice I mixed the names to portray that neither name actually comes first indicating position over the other thus, no sidekick. Both equals fighting the life of hunger. Remember get lots of Meatloaf, the kind with peppers, onions, and bread in it. Hide the treats form King Jake, I mean the Pohick Mice, you know how they get the rumble in the tumble and they are usually all gone when you get home from hero school with exception of the last one that everyone is afraid to take. Get lots of health foods, fibers, yogurt, and avoid bleached grain and flour products. Brown grains and brown rice are OK. Get lots of Gatorade for King Jake when he finishes his daily physical exercises and run. I would watch the Doritos and Mountain Dew though. Good luck, and make sure to clip your double coupons

DarthRodent said...

Emperor King Jake; The situation is grave! The Mice Federation has spread throughout the galaxie. We must turn back the tide of cute fuzzy rodents! The euro aliance has faltered as a result of the wack-a-mole kick-back scandal. Nearly all major planetary leaders have been indicted.

We have infiltrated their rebel base and are preparing to strike. When we do we will capture their leader of the mousekeeter's and together we will turn him over to the dark side.

mikayla said...


Jake Pohick said...