Tuesday, February 28, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 6

Meanwhile, back in the city of Opolis in the Serect Lair of the Leprechaun King, the King is hatching his next scheme for world domination mixed with random acts of evil.
Leprechaun King: Listen to me my army of evil little leprechauns. I've been foiled by StarrySpark and Grocery Girl for the last time. I'm tired of seeing Leprechaun's treated like cute and loveable little people. And if I hear one more crack about Lucky Charms, somebody's going to pay I can tell you that. But before I can move on with my scheme for world domination mixed with random acts of evil, I need to eliminate those meddlesome dogooders StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. It won't be hard to lure them into a trap. They always come running the minute somebody starts yelling for help. If only I knew what their weaknesses were, I could finish them once and for all and then no one could stop my plans for world domination mixed with random acts of evil. Now go my Leprechaun army. Find and infiltrate the operating base of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl and find out what their weaknesses are. And for the last time will you get off my desk. You never wipe your feet and I have little leprechaun prints all over my secret plans.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 7 - Inside the Operation Center of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl.

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DarthRodent said...

Oh Ye Great and Nasty Egomaniac Leprechaun King. Please consider my application to join your evil empire.

The pinnacle of my evil deeds was during my occupation of the Valley Green laundry mat in Etters, PA. Throughout my reign of terror I stole odd socks from peoples dirty laundry bags so no one under my vast control would have a pair of matching socks.

It was during the last weeks of my occupation when Starry Spark and Grocery Girl foiled my plans to completely rule the metropolis of Etters. The duo spotted me raiding an elderly persons sweaty socks from their hamper. Had I not vomited from the toe jam becoming wedged in my teeth I would not have been caught. The duo surprised me with a whack to the head with a bag of marshmallow's. It came out of nowhere!! Bam!, Smack!! I found myself being chased out of my dominion in shame.

Since then I have survived off of big Mac's found in dumpsters during late night hours behind MacDonald's. As a result I have committed myself to a proper broad revenge against the dynamic duo.

References are available upon request. Please advise if you are an equal opportunity employer. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you in person. Sincerely, DarthRodent

Anonymous said...

Lighten up lucky, I mean Leper. All you have to do is Ask Jeeves or simply Google it. Starry Spark thrives on chaotic organization. I had a friend who was the same way growing up. All you have to do is send your mini-me army into her room to clean and organize it. Put things where they belong and it will disorient, confuse and make her feel uneasy, may even incapacitate her depending on the level of dependency; she may draw strength from it sort of like a cyclone. Also have them change the link to her homepage so it goes to a dead link, this will further distract and disorient, keeping her off balance.
Now for Grocery Girl, shoplift that grocery bag from under her pillow while she sleeps. Put an edited Newspaper on the porch with a front page article reading, Leper bags big Buck named Bambi and his little dog too. Also put in the paper a picture of a Mouse trapped in a Victor Live Catch Mouse Trap. They are overly sympathetic toward Rodents, thus the fascination towards Mickey and Minny. Also in the same picture show the Guinea Pigs chained up and being tortured. This will get them emotionally charged and they will make mistakes, rush their decisions and that will be their down fall. Laser beam eyes will fail without proper concentration. Grocery Girl will try to pull out a key from here grocery bag and before she realizes it’s only a plastic Wal-Mart bag with nothing but an old receipt in it they will be vulnerable. Leave easy clues on where you are holding the rodents and then spring the Trap when they try to rescue them. That’s when you have your little clowns; I mean clones use Sticky Foam: Incredibly adhesive foam that immobilizes individuals. This will make them late from returning home form school and make them miss doing their homework or just plain out steal their homework that will really get them stressed out so they can’t concentrate on their super powers. I believe Starry Sparks said it in an earlier series “Muahahahaha!”

Go get’em Lucky, I mean Leper, yea! Leper, what he said, Leper King.

Watch out girls those don’t look like normal good looking Leprechauns, they are the really ugly kind. I believe he is hooked up with Doctor Clonenator. Make sure to watch you six.