Sunday, February 19, 2006

The King's New Throne

So, as you can expect, Queen Molly has on occasion chastised King Jake for leaving the toilet seat up. King Jake having been pushed too far, finally decided to put the toilet seat the basement. Ok, Ok. It's almost impossible to write a caption for this photo and not devolve into a string of potty humor. Actually King Jake and the rest of the Pohick clan journeyed to the emperald city this weekend. King Jake's mother, Queen B, always has a Sonny-Do list waiting for him when he arrives. This visit was no exception. The first item on the list was to do the taxes. After that task was complete, the stuff really hit the fan. King Jake got the job of replacing Queen B's throne (so to speak). Having spent his fair share of time on the throne over the years, King Jake was uniquely qualified for the job. In case, you are looking for a new throne for your throne room, here is a nice model that King Jake has given his royal seal of approval. Toilet Seat

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Anonymous said...

I can see that its not just insensitivity towards the Pohick Mice but towards the Queen B too. I think we may have a trend starting here. I have been known to be critical at times but I see it as looking at matters from a different angle. For instance I can't beleive you rationalized that a story about replacing the toilet seat even made the blog! Come on there had to have been something more exciting than that. Even a possim getting creamed on the road to the emerald city would have been more interesting. Back to the insensitivity issue. The throne topper you hold is of the most basic design. One used by the peasentry. Ruleing an empire takes time, contemplation, thought, and importantly decisive decision making. Queen Bs legs would fall asleep from that rigid ring of pain you elected to accessorize the thrown room. What a about a nice leather 2 inch foam heated ring of comfort? It facilitates circulation to the lower extremities for hours of reasearch, reading, and worldly contemplation. Many big decisions were thought while in the throne room. Some examples, the Pyramids, splitting the atom, Selecting Ben Rothlesberger in the first round, the fall of the Berlin wall and even such decisions on disney vacations. Don't underestimate the utility of the throne room. I've seen people come out with tears in their eyes, probably contemplating the woes of the world. What would make a good story is one built into a recliner for the living room so you can mix business with pleasure. Now that would be a good story. Reading deeper into the article I do like how you mix and match toilet and taxes topics they may seem opposite ends of the spectrum but me looking at life from a slightly skewed perspective I believe the topics are in perfect alignment. Was that an accident or was that mastery of the written language? About the toilet seat being left up maybe we ought to come up with a remote control for it. It would have to have a clapper alarm to find it. Get rich scheme 2,849. The next one is putting a computer terminal in usable proximity to the throne so you could write your Pohick articles while taking care of business.