Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mouse War - King Jake Goes Under Cover

Day two of operation mouse trap and still no luck. The mice have been laying low. The Guinea Pigs now claim that the mice are in hiding somewhere in the moutains of the Pohick National Forest. This area is very inhospitable for people. Using the information gained from the Guinea Pigs and an ingeniously clever disguise, King Jake intends to infiltrate the pohick mouse base camp in order to determine where and when they plan to strike next. King Jake then intends to exfiltrate his intelligence back to the little cabin on the edge of the Pohick National Forest where he will set up a carefully planned ambush to capture the top brass of the mouse gang. In case King Jake is captured, he intends to carry with him a nice Cheddars of the World Assortment with which he will use to distract the mice until he can make his escape. We all wish King Jake good luck and god speed as he undertakes this dangerous mission.


Anonymous said...

King Jake's in a rather tight spot, isn't he? Go mice! Finally, my faithful servants have picked up on my ideas of rebellion! Go in peace, mice, knowing that Princess StarrySpark has a plan! Muahahahaha!
P.S. I wanted to leave him tied up like that, but Queen Molly insisted on releasing him. I would have argued, but not even I can resist threats of taking away my laptop.

Anonymous said...

UN Mouse Security Counsel provided stern language denouncing King Jake’s adaptive Tactics Techniques and Procedures over his use of the Pohick Mouse military uniform. They are determining weather they should vote on a security resolution against the kingdom of King Jake for violating Geneva Convention by dressing up in an opponent’s military uniform and impersonating an enemy solider is strictly prohibited. The House of Mouse denies any knowledge of King Jakes intent to use the costume for a military purpose. They claim that special effects and costume was for a Mouse-u-mentuary since King Jake is a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, he can even sing the song, Mic-key-mouse!... Others believe that King Jake is the head ringleader of an under ground Mouse abduction organization that captures live mice and ships them off to work in Disney Mouse Sweat Shops as slave labor. There has been no supporting evidence to suggest this claim. However neighbors claim that they hear the sound of a running wheel to the wee hours of the morning that are suggested to may be used to charge a battery that charges by solar energy during the day and by mouse wheel at night. Publicity of this event is drawing much attention and speculation.