Monday, February 20, 2006

Mouse War - The People Strike Back

After returning home from the Emerald City to the little cabin on the edge of the Pohick National Forest it was apparent that the mice were running amuck during our absence. Evidence of their visit was found in each of the kitchen drawers and under the sink. The Pohick Clan went to the Ace Hardware Store and purchased a pair of Victor Live Catch Mouse Traps.  Princess YellowHair baited the traps with Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers. It's a good thing that King Jake is not a mouse because as soon as he saw the peanut butter and crackers, his stomach started rumbling. One can easily envision King Jake blindly climbing into a people size mouse trap in order to get at the peanut butter and crackers. One of the mouse traps was placed in the kitchen drawer where the Halls Cough Drops were located. The other trap went under the sink where the large quantity of mouse doodles indicates a hot mouse nightspot. We will see if the party mood of the mice continues after one or two of their little buddies get themselves locked in the slammer. I highly doubt that the judge will be willing to grant bail.


Anonymous said...

There is hope for you King Jake. I hope my comments are shaping your actions towards the Pohick mice population. Live trap mouse boxes, good call, it is very Mousmane, Mickey and Minney would be proud of you. I think Pricness yellow hair needs to keep checking the traps to make sure noone is dipping their fingers into the bait. Maybe you ought to use Meatloaf!

A&A said...

We check your site regularly and still can't believe that a grownup wrote this. (That IS a positive remark, no matter what mom says.)

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