Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mouse War - Score one for the good guys

Pohick News Network (PNN) Today at the little cabin on the edge of the Pohick National Forest, a senior member of the Mouse Gang finally slipped up and got himself nabbed. Mr. Mouse as he calls himself, was caught red handed (footed?) in one of the Victor Live Catch Mouse Traps. Queen Molly who was checking the status of the traps was caught somewhat off guard during the ordeal. Thinking that the trap had been prematurely sprung and entirely vacant, she opened the door of the trap and found a pair of beady little eyes looking back at her. We don't want to characterize the resulting scream as loud, but suffice it to say that several pains of glass in the little cabin must now be replaced. Despite her shock, Queen Molly managed to keep her cool and wrestle the rodent into a confinement facility where he is now awaiting trial. Princess Yellow Hair has agreed to serve as council for the defense and King Jake will precide on the bench. Charges include conspiracy, breaking and entering, misappropriation of vitals and Ratateering. A speedy trial is planned in order to prevent any protests from the rodent community. The guinea pigs have not returned any calls, but their spokeswoman Princess StarrySpark issued a statement on their behalf denying any involvement in the criminal activities. Tune in daily to PNN for continuing coverage of this landmark trial.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like an insurgent mouse if I’ve ever seen one. Look at those big beady eyes, nappy hair, and big ears, the better to see and hear you with my dear. I see you are providing provisions to the detainee in accordance with the Red Cross and the Laws of Mouse Human Warfare. Mickey and Minnie would be proud of you. This will be good for Information Operations and keep from Mouse demonstrations, which could get ugly. Queen Molly what was that shadow that ran under the desk? Ha! Made you look. His buddies will wait for you to fall asleep and then come out of the woodwork. You may want to check under the bed before you go to sleep.