Wednesday, March 15, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 21

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl have the Leprechaun King cornered in a dark alley. Just as they were moving in to finish off the king a dark figure stepped from the shadows.

Leprechaun King: Ladies, please allow me to introduce my brother Enrich the Terrible I from the kingdom far far away.

Enrich: Good afternoon StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. My brother, the Leprechaun King, has told me so much about you. I've been eager to meet you.

Leprechaun King: Now that I have my brother standing by my side, no one can stop my plans for world domination mixed with random acts of evil. Not even you StarryFarce and Vegetable Girl.

Will StarrySpark and Grocery Girl be able to stop this double leprechaun trouble? What kind of terrible tricks does Enrich the Terrible I have up his sleeves? Where exactly is the Kingdom Far Far Away? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 22 - Really Big Mind Ray

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Anonymous said...

What a turn of events… shenanigans is right. Looks like the Leprechaun King lured the youthful duo into a dastardly trap. StaryFarce; farce defined- a ridiculous situation in which everything goes wrong or becomes a sham. That is exactly what has happened. Looks like Grocery Girl will have to dig into her shopping bag and pull out some crackers to go with the Vegetable Soup, just like the development of their plan. How could they not have planned for this unfortunate turn of events? Enrich the Terrible I looks like a thug. They say you get synergy- the working together of two or more things, people, or organizations, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities. Grocery Girl and StarySpark knows all about this maybe not by work but effect, when they pitch in together to pick up their stuff they can get done quicker than each doing it by themselves. This is the grand effect of teamwork. What kind of random acts of evil synergy will be conjured up by this brotherly team? Now that the Leprechaun King and Enrich have these youthful superheroes right where they want them, what’s to become of them? What unknown evil powers does Enrich posses and what powers do they possess together like the “super twin powers activate”? I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next exciting episode.