Sunday, March 19, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 25

Super Heros from across the city of Opolis have arrived at the scene where the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I are attacking StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Are you ready to rumble?

Enrich: Don't look now brother, but it looks like we have company.

Leprechaun King: I do believe that is Telekinetic Girl, 'Lectric Girl, Flower Power and Sunset Girl all in one place. This city has more do-gooding super heros than any one city should be allowed to have.

Enrich: At least this will save us time. We won't have to hunt them all down.

Leprechaun King: Stop playing with your toy Enrich. It is time to execute plan OMEGA.

What will be the outcome of this ultimate cage match. Will the combined powers of our super heros be able to defeat the evil Leprechaun Brothers? What do you suppose plan OMEGA is? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 26 - OMEGA.

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Anonymous said...

Leprechaun King and Enrich the Terrible I don’t stand a chance against that hoard of junior superheroes. You may as well just give up on your plans for world domination and random acts of evil. The only evil you will be doing is eating your prison chow. You think it was funny trying to catch mice in your live trap and sell them for lab experiments. Well, it looks like you two are going to be spending a lot of timeout with your noses in the corner. The junior superheroes are experts at timeout I’m sure. They sprung operation “Hand in the cookie Jar” and now they got the dastardly duo where they want them. Enrich the Terrible I might as well put that big toy on the ground and step away before he puts an eye out with it. StarySpark how did that maniacal laugh go, oh yea, Bru-Ha! Ha! Ha! World Domination and random acts of evil, please.