Monday, March 13, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 19

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl are engaged in an all out battle with the Leprechaun King's army of evil little leprechauns.

StarrySpark: Grocery Girl, I've stunned the evil little leprechauns with their own mind control rays. Go ahead and finish them off.

Grocery Girl: I've got just the thing for this situation StarrySpark.

Reaching into her shopping bag, Grocery Girl activates her super power and pulls out a large mellon. Using her best bowling form she knocks down all of the evil little leprechauns taking them out of action.

Grocery Girl: STRIKE!!!! It's time for me to sign up for the pro bowling tour.

StarrySpark: Good job Grocery Girl. Now we have to capture the Leprechaun King.

Grocery Girl: There he goes StarrySpark. The Leprechaun King is escaping down that alley.

Will StarrySpark and Grocery Girl be able to capture the Leprechaun King? Will Grocery Girl be able to bowl a perfect game? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 20 - The King Take a Wrong Turn.

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Anonymous said...

Way to use your melon Grocery Girl! Now the Citizen with the baby carriage can get home to his loving wife and mother of his baby. He may even stop on the way home and pick up some flowers and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. The evil little buggers are only the henchmen, the Leprechaun King is still at large and he is like the Gingerbread Man, you can’t catch him because he will run as fast as he can. You will have to get to bed by bedtime and wake up pretty early in the morning and with the use of you superhero powers just maybe you might be able to catch him, that and a lucky rodent foot. You got him on the run girls!