Sunday, March 26, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 31

Having snatched control of the OMEGA doomsday satellite from the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I, StarrySpark and Grocery Girl attempt to set things right.

StarrySpark: Good job Grocery Girl! And thanks Duffy the wonder dog. Now focus the mind control ray so that it only affects the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I.

Grocery Girl: Easier said than done StarrySpark. I've never operated the controls for a doomsday satellite before. The buttons aren't even labeled in English.

StarrySpark: Well, just do the best you can. You are allegedly an expert at XBox. How much harder could this be?

Grocery Girl: Well, here goes nothing.

Using her best XBox style, Grocery Girl deftly alters the settings for the doomsday satellite so that only the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I are affected by it's beam.

Enrich the Terrible I: Green Milk Shakes.....Must get Green Milk Shakes.....

Leprechaun King: Please, not the green milk shakes. Anything but the green milk shakes.... I'm lactose intolerant....

Is this finally the end of the Leprechaun King's reign of terror? Will StarrySpark and Grocery Girl be able to deliver the Leprechaun brothers to the authorities without any additional falderal? Will Enrich have to share a jail cell with the lactose intolerant Leprechaun King? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 32 - Paddy Wagon.

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Anonymous said...

HA HA! What goes around comes around, Leprechaun King! I suggest you think twice about messing with me and G Squared next time! Enrich, you just landed yourself in one smelly jail cell! I feel no sympathy whatsoever! Props to the hot dog! We couldn't have done it without you! Grocery Girl really is an expert at Xbox...she kicks my butt. So...let's hope the green team don't have anything else up their sleeves. 'Cause I know I sure don't.

Anonymous said...

Right, give me a break! WOMEN CAN’T EVEN FIGURE OUT A REMOTE CONTROL FOR THE TV AND YOU WOULD HAVE ME BELIEVE THAT NOT ONLY WAS THE REMOTE USED PROPERLY BUT ALSO PROGRAMMED TO DO WHAT THEY INTENDED WITHOUT MESSING UP THE TIME THE AUTO SHUTOFF ETC… Bold in the internet world means yelling. This is definitely a fairy tale world we are talking about here. Heck they enjoyed drinking Green Milkshakes before this anyway. They were only trying to make the world share in their pleasures and this is the thanks they get. Childerrorists, yes a made up word for child terrorists. Someone’s child superhero is another’s child terrorist thus Childerrorists. At least they did not do any insider trading, what did Martha get less than a year? If they can’t get out of this, they’ll be back in about 8 months, probably with tattoos and nice orange jump suits. Do prisons make jump suits for leprechauns?