Thursday, March 23, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 29

Grocery Girl uses the jar of honey to coat the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I with the sweet and sticky condiment.

Leprechaun King: Well grocery girl, I thought that you and your sister were under the spell of my mind control ray. Apparently I was wrong.

Enrich the terrible I: Though I applaud your audacity and though I am feeling a little inconvenienced by being covered with this honey, I'm not sure what you thought to accomplish with this act.

At this moment thousands of killer bees which were attracted by the honey, suddenly swarmed from nowhere and began to attack the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I causing them to drop the control mechanism for their doomsday omega satellite.

Will StarrySpark and Grocery Girl be able to take advantage of this situation? Are the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I allergic to bee stings? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 30 - Puppy Power.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to respecting your elders? Are these the same two who opposed using mice traps that hurt mice? Mice do random acts of evil, breaking and entering, stealing bread, cough drops, defecating in lucky charm cereal and chewing up the woodwork. I bet they will try to send the Leprechaun brothers to be used in lab experiments. Maybe one of the two have special powers to communicate with insects, they are about at the same level as pests, maybe the bees will carry them off to a nearby shamrock field to reconsolidate and reorganize for their next phase of world domination and random acts of evil.