Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mouse War - Return of the Mice

After laying low for the last two months, the mice have returned with a vengence. They have obviously improved their game as well. King Jake was practically apoplectic when he discovered that mice had violated the long standing truce. This time, they invaded the spice cabinet and tore open a package of Jake's favorite pasta sauce. Vowing to get revenge for this unprovocted incursion, Jake immediately baited and set the Victor Live Catch mouse traps. There was a good deal of muttering about unconventional warfare under his breath, but for now at least, Jake has agreed refrain from a major escalation of warfare. This was primarily at the behest of Queen Molly who gently reminded Jake of the results of his last engagement with the mice.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like insurgent mice to me. Terrorizing the household, raiding the cupboards, and leaving RMDs (Random Mice Droppings) for anyone in the house to step in, ewwwww! I hear that they particularly enjoy eating the oat cereal from Lucky Charms. Queen Molly, make sure that when King Jake catches/detains one of the mice that he complies with the Laws of Mice and Human Warfare. Detention abuse is strictly outside the gray area in order to attain incriminating information from the prisoners/detainees of Mouse insurgency. Violations of these basics Laws could have vast political ramifications and sanctions against the Kingdom to include uprising of the subjects.