Friday, March 03, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 9

Across the city, the Leprechaun King's army of evil little leprechauns has spread out and begun using their mind control rays to make the city's innocent citizens crave the Leprechaun King's Green Milk Shakes.

Bus Driver: Must get green milk shake....Must get green milk shake.....Must get green milk shake....

Can nothing stop the Leprechaun King's army of evil little Leprechauns? Will the King succeed in his scheme of world domination mixed with random acts of evil. Will this bus driver lose her commercial drivers license for drinking green milkshakes on the job. Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 10 - The Citizens of Opolis Line Up.

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl Episode Guide.

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Anonymous said...

News Bulletin:
Today in schools across the world, reports of mass hooky. From Belfast, Dumbkirk, Moscow, Baghdad, Singapore, District of Colombia, Pittsburgh, and Los Angles to name only a few, reports of children and bus disappearances. It was identified later that droves of children by the bus loads were crowding the local McDonalds to buy Shamrock Shakes. The children used their lunch money and drank so much that they had to get their stomachs pumped. Later this evening we received at the studios a note form the Leprechaun King who claims credit for the occurrence. The reaction from the studio prompted a world wide Article in the papers claiming Leprechaun King stoops to new low. Pun intended, attacking the children and elderly of the world with new mind control ray. It was noted that so far it does not affect teenagers, because they believe they know everything already. Scientists believe that by extracting cerebral fluid from teenagers, a serum can be concocted with the not sinking in properties of the donors. A warning went out that Leprechaun King does not have FDA approval to use his mind control ray and that serious side effects can be caused by operators of the ray gun. OSHA and the Leprechaun Union were contacted and an immediate investigation has been launched. Serious side effects include stunted growth, increased aging; it is compared to adding a whole bottle of growth hormone into the water of a tadpole in lieu of a drop. Most significant side effect is bad joke formation. The superhero league of justice spokeswoman said that the Leprechaun King’s quest to take everyone’s currency in the world will fail when he gets sued for his evil work practices. Yes, you guessed it the Lawyers will end up with all the money, how’s that for irony. Lab testing has already begun on the mind control blocker and has been somewhat effective on laboratory mice and Guinea Pigs.

More to follow on this occurrence.