Monday, March 27, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 32

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl have foiled the evil plans of the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I.

StarrySpark: Well Grocery Girl, it looks like our work is done here. The Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I are in custody and headed off to prison. We have once again successfully defended the world from another egomaniacal super villain.

Grocery Girl: You are right StarrySpark. Will these super clowns never learn? In the end, good always triumphs over evil.

StarrySpark: I agree Grocery Girl, but I must admit I was pretty worried there for awhile. I don't think we could have succeeded if it weren't for the help all of our super friends provided.

Grocery Girl: Yep, I think we would all be drinking green milk shakes right now if it weren't for our friends Rumblin Stumble Foot, Telekinetic Girl, 'Lectric Girl, Flower Power, Sunset Girl and even Duffy the Wonder Dog.

StarrySpark: Ok, Grocery Girl. Let's head back to the Operations Center and make sure that none of our other arch enemies are trying anything fishy.

Grocery Girl: Yes, and I need to start my homework. I don't think my teacher will accept the excuse that I couldn't finish my homework because I was busy saving the world from evil.

Is this the last we've seen of the Leprechaun King and his brother Enrich the Terrible I? Will any other Super villains make trouble for the super sisters? Will Grocery Girl finish her homework in time? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 33 - Jail House Rock.

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Anonymous said...

And that's the way the cookie crumbles! That's a wrap everyone, good job! What? WHAT? This isn't the end? Well, I KNOW it's a blog and blogs never end! Yeah, I figured that G Squared and I would do more world-saving, but is it going to be documented again? MAYBE? I WANT AN ANSWER! I'M CALLING MY AGENT! I- oh. Sorry. OK, so stay tuned to see what's happening tomorrow! I will, too, because frankly, I don't know what's going to happen. I didn't get the future-seeing gene. Later!

Anonymous said...

It’s not over until it’s over Superblunders. This is but a chapter in a novel. They let prisoners have access to computers. They have friends in evil places. What’s that behind you! Ha! Made you look. You better be watching you six! When you find your room messed up after you cleaned it, don’t be surprised, be prepared to do it again. When your homework disappears after you spent hours working on it be prepared to do it again. When you are doing work on the computer make sure you save often, I hate when I spend a lot of effort on a project and the computer turns off and the work gets lost. When you see a cute little fluffy Easter Bunny, be cautious, it may have razor sharp teeth. It could be the evil bunny. I can’t wait for April’s evil egg hunt. I’m hungry to see what demise is in store for you in the next Series. Intently on the edge of my seat.