Wednesday, March 08, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 13

Just as StarrySpark and Grocery Girl were about to get the drop on the evil little leprechauns who had invaded their operation center something very bad happened. Unbeknownst to the super sisters, the leprechauns are now armed with the mind control rays developed by the leprechaun king's evil scientists.

StarrySpark: No...I must not give in....Must resist....Must resist.....

Grocery Girl: No.....I don't even like green milk shakes.....Green milk shakes are the same color as brocholli.....Must resist....

Alfreeda (Shouting from the other room): STOP PLAYING WITH THOSE RAY GUNS IN THE HOUSE!

Will StarrySpark and Grocery Girl have to trade in their allowances on green milk concoctions? Can anyone save the super sisters? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 14 - Introducing Rumblin Stumble Foot.

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl Episode Guide.


Anonymous said...

A mind is a terrible thing; I mean a mind control ray is a terrible thing to use especially in the house. FDA found that operators of mind ray guns are highly susceptible to becoming sterile, 99% chance based on studies performed on lab mice. Starry Spark has a chance with the natural post adolescent blocking properties of the cerebral fluid depending on weather or not she was a donor for lab experiments trying to concoct a blocking serum. The little one is a goner. Looks like Broccoli milkshakes here we come! Ha! Ha! H!, oh that’s right you have to put the evil laugh to it Bru-Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HOW DARE YOU?!?! everyone knows that a powerful superhero such as myself could never fall prey to such madness! And what a terrible picture of me! I'm sitting there grinning like a loon! My sidekick isn't much better off! If you don't stop this madness (or at least let me kick some leprechaun butt!) I will be forced to set my horde of Angry Unionized Mice on you!
Signed, the -REAL- StarrySpark